What’s the destination of Bitcoin price after Breaking $40K?

Again the price of Bitcoin hits another new milestone, it breaks the $40K number, trading analysts and traders anticipate that the price of Bitcoin will continue and reach another all time high in the coming days, but they also remain keep silence to predict more about this price issue, because they also hints that this is a critical issue and it can’t be said that Bitcoin when will surpass the $40,000 level. 

Source: Santiment

Since December 2020, the Bitcoin price has been in the race and it’s been continuing for a couple of weeks, it has already passed $38K footsteps for three weeks, so many experts assume that price would be a satisfying level and people could get a stable price structure. But Analysts at Santiment said that Bitcoin whales have continued to accumulate despite the increase in the price of the asset: “The whales of Bitcoin (1,000+ $BTC addresses) haven’t stopped accumulating, while the mid-tier traders (10-1,000 $BTC) haven’t stopped taking profit as its price hovers around $38,000. Meanwhile, the small addresses have been following back in rapidly!”



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