[Tutorial] How to Stake AirSwap token $AST with MetaMask Wallet

AirSwap Recently introduced a Staking feature for AST holders. User’s now can easily stake their AST token to earn fees by participating in Governance. Below I will show how you can easily stake your AST token with MetaMask Wallet.

  1. Go to ConsenSysCodefi Activate’s new governance portal https://activate.codefi.network/staking/airswap/governance
  • Connect your Metamask Wallet
  • Click on Stake to start staking process. Note there will be two transaction one is for permission & the Second one will transfer token to staking contract.
  • After the confirmations the dashboard will look like this one below.
  • Now participate in voting & Earn points
  • Claim points (You can choose your favorite tokens )

Website – AirSwap.io

Staking Contract – 0xa4c5107184a88d4b324dd10d98a11dd8037823fe

Pool Contract – 0x7296333e1615721f4bd9df1a3070537484a50cf8

Special Thanks to Don Mosites (product lead at Codefi Markets and co-founder of AirSwap)

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