NYC would be Bitcoin Hub if Andrew Yang will get elected NYC Mayor

Andrew Yang is one of the candidates who is running for getting nominated from Decocratic party, He boldly tweeted that NYC would be the Bitcoin hub in the future if he will get elected the next mayor of NYC. it’s basically published after taking an interview the current Miami Mayor Franchis Suarez with Forbes, where the main discussion issue about the possibility of paying Bitcoin and adoption cryptocurrency in his area. Franchis Suarez hinted that Miami would be the most attractive city for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the United States of America. So Andrew Yang also joined this race in recent time. Whatever the case, day by day The US is going to be the most suitable place for the blockchain industry.

Many vatarian of this state think that Yang is one of the men who vocalized his support for Bitcoin, not only this time, in the previous time, he expressed his support several times in the last couple of years. So he must be the perfect man for creating a perfect environment for the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency community.



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