Mike Shinoda, Rapper of Linkin Park joins celebrity NFT mania

In the end, it doesn’t even matter.! Yes it matters, because Mike Shinoda, The rapper, Musician and the founder of Rap-Rock Band Linkin Park, has recently launched an auction on rarible for “Zora” which is NFT means non fungible token, basically it’s a music clip from the forthcoming song.  In this way, Mike Shinoda is one of the celebrities who are pushing their steps into NFT technology, that means they are also trying to carry their fanbase to this crypto ride.

Craig Russo, is the co-founder of Polyient Games, insists that the participation of celebrity activity carries very importance in order to make this platform high so he said, 

“After a relatively slow period over the past few months, the NFT market is again heating up,” said Russo. “Given that the current use cases for NFTs are approachable and very social in nature, we’re beginning to see an influx of mainstream interest. This has ultimately resulted in a few notable celebrities entering the space.”

So day after day this platform is becoming popular in many aspects of life, there are a lot of examples of similar projects in order to get connected with one’s own target.



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