Michael Saylor Says that Bitcoin is a Masterpiece of Monetary Engineering

CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, recently attended an interview with Bitcoin pioneer and futurist Austin Davis, during this interview Michael Saylor said that “a masterpiece of monetary engineering,” and one that will likely go down in history as the world’s “first engineered monetary network.” Basically he tried to say that Bitcoin has become already $850 Billion which is huge and day after day it’s becoming the most alternative to Gold in monetary value. 

He Said that “Once you understand money is monetary energy and you understand Bitcoin is a monetary energy network, then you start to appreciate the fact that it either does or does not respect the laws of thermodynamics. If it doesn’t, it means it has a leak.”

Michael Saylor had a few words of wisdom about what hodlers should do with their Bitcoin if they hope to achieve generational wealth. He added “You should buy it and hold it forever,” he opined. “My advice would be to borrow against it tax-free, never take capital gains, never take an operating income.” It’s obvious that Bitcoin has got a huge space in the monetary world because of the engagement of Tesla with Bitcoin. Now many eyes are looking forward to another giant coming to this platform. 



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