Miami could be The Most Attractive City for Crypto and Blockchain Industry

The Mayor of Miami City hints that he’s going to create a favorable environment for the cryptocurrency. Francis Suarez, who is the Mayor of Miami city since 2017. He wants to make his city the most attractive in the USA for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Recently, He gave an interview with Forbes, within this interview he mentioned that he said to his lawmakers to make a crypto-friendly policy like New York and Wyoming. By this way, Miami city could get attracted to the crypto and blockchain industry. 

He said in that Interview he is going to make crypto-friendly laws, also he added that “We want to make sure that we believe that if all things are equal, we win. So, we just want to equalize the playing field. We want to make sure that nobody has an advantage over us based on laws that are easily changeable.”

The Mayor of Miami is trying to create this city to grow its technology ecosystem, they are working on making sure that their legislation is in favor of the cryptocurrency and blockchain system. Whatever the case this is going to be another piece of good news for the cryptocurrency based people.



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