JPMorgan suggests to not expect from another Big Fish like Tesla’s movement on Bitcoin

One of the largest investment Banks in the United state JPMorgan doesn’t believe that the way Tesla showed us  it will not repeat very often because of having volatility in Bitcoin. They claimed that the highly volatile nature could be one of the main reasons to keep distance between mainstream economy and cryptocurrency platform. They address the issue that “The main issue with the idea that mainstream corporate treasurers will follow the example of Tesla is the volatility of Bitcoin,” the strategists wrote in a note to investors, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

This statement comes after some experts claim that a number of mainstream corporate in the US will follow the Elon Musk’s foot step very soon, a very popular figure Michael Novogratz who is the founder of Galaxy Digital expressed in such a way that every company in America will follow Tesla’s decision to be part of the crypto platform and accept cryptocurrency for the payment system. Another important person  Michael Sonnoesshein CEO of Grayscale Investments also predicted that this world will soon change a bit in the payment system, he said “other visionary leaders and disruptive companies actually realizing it has really moved from why to why not.”

But in this case, JPMorgan is not agreed to this point because of several reasons, lack of knowledge, risk taking capability and high volatility are the main reasons for not happening very soon in the mainstream economy, what do you think?

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