It’s not $600M, Microstrategy raising Bitcoin more than $900Million

Microstrategy has announced in recent time that they are going to buy more than $600 Million but they put a notes of convertible sales, They said on Tuesday that it’s going to be a long term initiative because it would be selling $900 million in convertible senior notes due in 2027 in a private offering to qualified institutional buyers, according to their estimation the proceeds of the sale will be approximately $879 Million. They also added     “if the initial purchasers exercise in full their option to purchase additional notes.”

Microstrategy basically an intelligence firm which is almost closed  the offering, in the meantime they have changed the plan when the price of Bitcoin got all time high and it’s going on, the plan convert in to acquire additional Bitcoin, while they have invested in August, 2020 was almost $250 Million and after that in September another $175Million and finally they purchased in December 2020 which is 29,646 BTC for $650 Million through the issuance of Bonds, Again Microstrategy bought 314 Bitcoin for $10 million in late January, and 295 BTC for $10 million earlier this month. If they are going to in this way they would hold almost 90,000 BTC and their monetary value would reach over $3.5 Billion of crypto assets. 

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