General Motors is not interested in investing on Bitcoin

The Chief Executive officer of General Motors Mary Barra stated that the company has no immediate plans to emulate Tesla’s Bitcoin purchase.  Though they are monitoring and observing every moment of what is happening in the current cryptocurrency world but at this present they are not interested in making any decision regarding this issue. In recent time, Tesla has invested $1.5Billion as their 7.7% cash into Bitcoin, so people think that it’s just a matter of time of coming another big fish to this cryptocurrency platform. 

General Motors is the biggest firm which produces the largest motor vehicle in a calendar year in the USA.  However,  this motor company is currently associated with some blockchain-based parents but they are not in the front line of blockchain systems like Tesla. At this situation the chief Executive officer of General Motors directly said “We don’t have any plans to invest in Bitcoin, so full-stop there.” she also added to her speech in this way that “This is something we’ll monitor and we’ll evaluate,” she said. “If there’s strong customer demand for it in the future, there’s nothing that precludes us from doing that”



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