Galaxy Digital $25 Million Investment on LUNA and the price Goes up double.

Cryptocurrency Market is getting crazy day by day, usually some big fishes come to this platform and it gets a huge impact on it’s price table, another big impact has come in recent time, LUNA is the native of Terra Blockchain which gained 37%, and the price is $2.27 Today, Not only that but also trading volume is very high. 

It’s just a coincidence when Tesla’s founder Elon Musk did the same thing for DogeCoin, now Galaxy Digital has taken the decision investing in LUNA coin and they did it for $25 Million, that’s why the price of LUNA coin has gone to sky almost  double. LUNA coin is basically a part of Terraform Labs which is a Seoul-Based company. It’s mainly a stable coin project from Korea which is working to combine the stability of fiat currency with the non-censorable nature of cryptocurrency.

So it can be said that, it’s one of the most dramatic moments for cryptocurrency, everything is possible here, so crypto-curious people are getting more excited than ever.



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