Crypto City in Nevada Desert

CEO of Blockchains, Jeffrey Berns said he asked the state of Nevada to let him create a platform where the local government on the 67,000 acres the firm owns in Storey County. It’s a massive news for this blockchain industry,  If his request to the government would get accepted, the blockchain firm would have allowed to operate as an “innovation zone,” where a company would be able to impose taxes and create courts — in addition to incorporating digital currency payments for goods and services and maintaining records on the blockchain.

Recently, the CEO of Blockchains has faced an interview, during that interview session he had been asked about this project, he explained like this way that he had asked the State of Nevada to let him build a new thing in here, He also claimed that the government should take some major step in favor of Blockchain, at the current set up is not favorable for ideal community based blockchain.

This project may get the light of success because in the same area CEO of Tesla Elon Musk’s interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain, Nevada Lawmakers could accept this proposal and may allow it to operate as an “innovation zone” because there are some recognised people who can invest in the Blockchain Industry over Billion USD.

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