BNB Hits All time while Bitcoin Cash relegated to the bottom of the top 10

BNB is the house coin of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, yesterday, Binance Coin has got the all time high price and it ensures within the top 10 position, now it’s the 9th largest cryptocurrency at this moment,  not only that but also BNB surpasses the Bitcoin Cash by its market cap. This is why Bitcoin cash goes beyond the top ten largest positions of cryptocurrency.


It’s clear that the most direct victim of BNB rise is the Bitcoin Cash, At the time of writing, eleventh-place Stellar Lumen (XLM) was still $700 million lower than BCH, with the market cap of BNB at $8.3 billion.


We saw last week one of a number of altcoins in order to reach the new record where BNB/USD hit $55. A renowned crypto based news reported that “exchange traffic worldwide is expanding rapidly thanks to the bull run, which has received considerable mainstream attention in recent weeks and months”. 



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