Bitcoin’s Market Cap is the top 6th Most Valuable Asset at the Current Market

After reaching the market cap at $1 Trillion Bitcoin is now the top most 6th valuable asset holder, by this way Bitcoin is far ahead even China’s biggest corporation, in this list, Apple holds the 1st position, It’s one of the prestigious lists in the financial market. In recent times, we have seen a lot of changes in the financial market, day by day the price of Bitcoin is going as high as the sky. 

Today’s market price of Bitcoin is above $56K and it’s unimaginable price, no one could predict the last year this could be happen, but this is real, and Bitcoin’s market cap is more than $1 Trillion, and Now Bitcoin’s  status as a trillion-dollar asset like Amazon, Apple, Google so people can put trust on it.

Top Assets by Market Cap, Source: AssetDash

Not only the financial market, Bitcoin is now hot cake in the social media, in recent time analysis, Bitcoin as a keyword have increased by 38% since February and more than 02,000 tweets have been sent out in the past 24-hours, So there is no way to take Bitcoin as a light thing.

According to Treyce Dahlem, an analyst at TheTIE, “The number of Twitter users talking about Bitcoin on a daily basis has reached a new all-time high of 38,500, up 325% from a year ago.

If this movement continues, then people’s perception will get changed very soon because Bitcoin is here to stay.

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