Altcoins become a racing horse, As Bitcoin moves towards $50k

Recent storm in the Cryptocurrency industry has brought a lot of changes in the price trend both Bitcoin and Altcoins, Bitcoin hits all-time high price and it’s adjacent to 50,000$, many say that it’s going to reach that milestone very soon, it’s just because of growing institutional interest in Bitcoin, according to a statistics, Bitcoin’s total market value is higher than the market cap the Russian Ruble, it’s really astonishing issue for the world’ financial system.


With the race of Bitcoin’s price, altcoins are also following the trend, after a dog day, the altcoins market is again standing back and the price has become stable to high. The last couple of weeks were really a blessing for the investor of Bitcoin, and many experts say that the coming days will be favorable for the Altcoins. Already DOT, CRV, Binance Coin hit all time high.

Recently, Decentrader Telegram channel filbfilb said: “The target for consolidation is near $52k, where I’m expecting a bit of a correction but the measured move overall should take us towards $63,000.”



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