AirSwap has completed the Phase II, and A major Upgradation by ConsenSys

AirSwap is being considered as one of the most potential Peer-to-peer trading system because the team AirSwap is working their routine work on time, recently, they have completed their Phase II along with a good up-gradation with the help of ConsenSys, which is the most efficient ETH software companies, by this updated version of AirSwap it could ensure the price and full decentralisation.

Basically, AirSwap is a global project, introducing the new upgrade is the fulfillment of their goal because they claim they are working according to their roadmap. They have a very concrete plan to make this platform as an open organization with transparent structure and process. Where the participation would get some extra rights in order to contribute both organizational and structural purpose.

The most important thing is this new upgradation of AirSwap exchange will protect traders from price slippage, the main body of AirSwap is expecting that this new model will capture roughly 40% of decentralized trading volume in the future. Their co-founder Don Mosites said that “On aggregators like MetaMask Swaps, we see ~40% of volume captured by Request for Quote models thanks to zero slippage, competitive prices, and efficient execution.



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