Again Strom in “DOGECOIN” Now Elon Musk with Snoop Dogg and Gene Simmons

DOGECOIN has become one of the joke Coins in the cryptocurrency industry, but the reality is DOGECOIN is still active and got another hype yesterday. After creating a hype from Alon Musk, now another two influential people have joined in the race of DOGECOIN, they have expressed their support for the  “DOGE ARMY” so tesla’s founder has got a good company for this issue that’s why the price of DOGE has raised once again 27% on 7th February. 

It’s known to all that DOGE is the native cryptocurrency of DOGECOIN and it’s become one of the volatile coins in recent time so according to a potential trader of crypto currency has said that “The current DOGE situation is quite funny. Don’t think we’ve seen this amount of normie shilling in this space before and it’s for our beloved silly DOGE coin of all things. Every other day another celeb comes out talking about DOGE. I see zero reason to counter trade. That said if you’re trying to get into DOGE for the long term – You’ll give back everything you’ve made. So, sell partials on the way up or try to time the top by analyzing how much steam is left in the normal shill tank. Buying DOGE should only be done with selling in mind.”



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