What is USDT? Crypto Stable coins USDC DAI USDT

Stable coins are one of the popular features for crypto traders or Users to store their wealth in Blockchain. Stable coins are backed by real USD! Yes, 1 stable coin (USDT, DAI, and USDC) worth exactly 1 USD. Merchants help you to convert your USD into stable coins. There is another way to get stable coins depositing USD on top tier crypto exchanges. Liquidity has been an issue for crypto for a long time but the crypto adoption is here there has been enormous liquidity for stable coin in exchanges.

USDT is one of the leading Stable coins in the Crypto Space. Leading the industry with a $25B Market cap. USDT was launched by Tether which aims to solve the gap between fiat currency & cryptocurrency. USDT Trading is available on top-tier exchanges which generate huge liquidity for USDT. If anyone is not happy with the volatility of Bitcoin or Crypto markets they can move their position in USDT or other stable coins. The most popular crypto stable coin USDT is not decentralized though, the Tether team can lock the address. If your money is clean then nothing to be worried about. USDT is on several Blockahin they started with Omni then Ethereum which has the biggest volume also several new ones such is Tron, Solona, etc.

USDC is also popular among stable coins market cap $5.5B. One of the trusted companies Circle & Coinbase issued the stable coin since these companies are regulated users feel safe while using USDC.

Dai ($1.5B Market cap) is my personal favorite as it’s decentralized. Though the liquidity is not bigger than USDT or USDC. There are some others too in the market-leading crypto exchange Binance backed BUSD, True USD, etc.

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