Russian Govt Officials are being forced to sell their Cryptocurrency

Recently Russia has adopted cryptocurrency law and they have already taken some action regarding this issue, since their law about cryptocurrency didn’t make clear what is right and what should people go with. The most important thing is the relation towards their government officials with cryptocurrency is in dark. 

But they are going with it very roughly regarding this issue towards their government official,  but this law does not provide a direct answer to some questions, including how local officials should deal with their crypto holdings. There are at least two other legal initiatives requiring Russian public officials to declare or even get rid of their cryptocurrency holdings entirely in 2021.

Meanwhile Russian authorities are going to introduce some new crypto-related rules for public officials, it’s hard but true that they are not mentioning how they will monitor and what are the actual points regarding this platform. But in the meantime some of their officials are being forced to sell their cryptocurrency by this coming April. 



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