Ethereum may become the main asset for investors in 2021

Recently we observe that the market has grown a lot, most importantly Bitcoin has gone above 700% but in comparison with ETH we saw a different scenario, Ethereum growth since its March 2020 low after the coronavirus-induced market crash has been 1,200%,  it’s really a significant issue that the backdrop of record highs for Bitcoin, on the other hand the growth of ETH $1400 does not seem so impressive. Moreover, the market capitalization of ETH is five times less than the volume of the BTC market.

There are several types of reasons for choosing the best assets in 2021, the most important thing is that ETH is being used for building blockchain projects, so it could easily say that ERC-20 will bring a great impact on cryptomarket.

If we saw the trade volume then this also provides a huge point, in 2020 more than $1 Trillion transaction has been recorded on ETH Blockchain. This estimation must exceed the figure of another giant platform PayPal. So it’s growing in a rapid way.

So we can be assured of growing ETH in 2021 and this will be the most important asset for investors in the coming days.



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