Binance and WazirX’s integration, Expansion of cryptocurrency to SouthEast Asia.

It’s an exciting news for SouthEast Asian cryptocurrency people for getting more benefited in the aspect of trading and so many ways, from the second week of this month Binance will integrate with WazirX which is the largest and the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in India, by this agreement people will avail some special privileges from both Binace and WazirX. 

Through this new step of Binance, every user of this giant platform will be able to sign into directly using their existing Binance account, not only that but also Binance users will get extra facility to able to buy and sell USTD via WazirX’s P2P trading platform without any hassle, and the most exciting thing is that from 13th February, Binance users will be able to transfer instantly their fund between their Binance and WazirX account.

So obviously it’s a good move of Binance to that SouthEast Asia which is basically the largest populated area, in this way, cryptocurrency is becoming to the next door of every corner of the world and in becoming credible to the mass people.

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