Bitcoin and The Samsung Galaxy S10, More Crypto is Adding soon.

It’s a set plan in August by the South Korean company Samsung to have add Bitcoin for support, also there are a lot of cryptocurrency is going to be added soon as per their announcement, Basically it’ll happen with the Mobile Set Model is Samsung Galaxy S10. According to the National daily Newspaper of South Korea Seoul Kyungjae, It stated that both Bitcoin and Ethereum will automatically get generated on this MObile phone set, Not only that but also they tried to disclose with a Picture how one can add a new token or coin on this wallet.

More interesting matter is that, Along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, Another 33 cryptocurrencies are going to to be compatible to this service as per their plan, those are very familiar you know the name are Pundi X’s token, Maker (MKR), Basic Attention Token (BAT),  Binance Coin, USD Coin and so on.

But this set will get restricted  in some countries like Canada, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United States of America and the UK. Although this plan was taken by this giant tech company earlier this month and the thing is going to happen soon. Most important issue is that by this way, Over a million a smartphone user will get an opportunity to be able to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency via their phone set at home. So it’s a good beginning of cryptocurrency with a giant tech Company like Sumsung. 

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