UK Member of Parliament Resigns as Blockchain Startup Advisor

A UK Member of Parliament (MP) has surrendered from the warning leading body of a cryptographic money venture after it was uncovered that he was subtly getting paid for his administrations, the Financial Times detailed Wednesday.

Preservationist MP Grant Shapps surrendered from OpenBrix – and remained down as co-seat of a parliamentary blockchain aggregate he helped to establish – after the Financial Times’ Alphaville found a mystery bargain between the MP and the blockchain organization. While Shapps asserted out in the open filings that he was not being paid for his work, it gives the idea that OpenBrix was to pay him in crypto tokens. OpenBrix is a blockchain-based property stage which gives a decentralized framework to land proprietors and members to exchange properties. The organization is set to dispatch an ICO in December, as per the report.


Originator and CEO Shahad Choudhury disclosed to Alphaville that Shapps had marked on to serve on the warning board as the seat of administration for the organization, and the MP had additionally marked a consultancy contract with OpenBrix. As a major aspect of this agreement, Shapps composed an article about the capability of the blockchain for the property showcase and went to an OpenBrix occasion. The agreement marked by Shapps hadn’t required any further duties until the point when the ICO shut in December, as indicated by Choudhury.

“To be completely forthright, Shapps had nothing to do until after the ICO. His fundamental part was the administration part after we have the cash. He could have joyfully not done anything he’d, in any case, be administration seat,” he said.

The organization would have paid Shapps and four different consultants a sum of 8 million BRIX tokens, which would have been worth around 2.8 million pounds or $3.7 million. It is misty what number of Shapps would particularly have gotten, however, he has allegedly declined to acknowledge any tokens as of press time.


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