Bitcoin ETF: Probability and Prosperity

ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) refers to a security that trails another fund, it is such type of index platform which mainly indicates like a basket of assets. It dealings like a stock on an exchange, with higher liquidity and lower fees. Lower fees, higher liquidity, and market access mean that a Bitcoin ETF would make cryptocurrency accessible to a much larger audience. The product would also be insured against theft, fraud, and loss. That’s why It will bring an importance and reliability to the investor who wants to be involved in this blockchain system.

Definitely, Bitcoin ETF is the most exciting news in the cryptocurrency platform in recent time. Suppose we consider Bitcoin will pass ETF step then we will experience a lot of changes in this platform for sure, Especially in the price line. A huge number of investor are waiting for this news but The USA security exchange commission is taking more time to give a green signal about this issue.

Recently, a report has been published regarding Bitcoin ETF and it indicates that after September 2018, They will finalise some sort of stage about the Bitcoin ETF. It means a lot because a large number of people eagerly seeking an opportunity to make an investment if SEC approves Bitcoin ETF. Some journals hint that the possibility of Bitcoin ETF is almost 90% but they also suggest Blockchain platform that Its requires establishing some regulation policies which enhances the process of listing Bitcoin ETF.

Although US security and SEC rejected two-time Bitcoin at the beginning of this year in recent time, SEC has taken some regulatory framework against Anti-money laundering policies and Japan and South Korea have created an international standard for regulating crypto platform. So It’s hopeful that Bitcoin ETF will eventually approve and this crypto world will be established as a secure platform.

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