Crypto market still not looking good as Bitcoin is down 68.55% from ATH!


Yes, The crypto market wasn’t in favor for the holders. Some people strongly believe bitcoin price is being manipulated by big players or accused bitcoin is a Bubble!
Our expert says Crypto market still in early days. Few millions of dollars can create panic on the market and rob the traders. People from young age mostly involve in crypto & they didn’t show patience while the market was pressured with big sell-offs.
Another famous altcoin such as Ethereum is down 68.75%! Though Ethereum and ICO’s was the reason for 2017 Bull Run. Ethereum blockchain is getting popular every day & bringing new people to crypto. So many projects built on Ethereum and getting benefit from it!
We believe when crypto will be adopted by big farms or large institution, Market will react in favors of holders. In the meantime, you can read and learn more about crypto!



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