LiteCoin seems the Best coin of this year.

This year was already great for crypto especially for Bitcoin and Litecoin. We saw last week Bitcoin broke all the past records, was trading for over $19000 on market and this week LiteCoin also broke it’s past records was trading for over $300.

LiteCoin founder Charlie Lee Expressed his feelings with this tweet :

“ $10B market cap. What a year! BTC is up 2000%, but LTC is up 4000%! “

Experts mentioned in 2018 Litecoin have huge chance to pass over $1000 for each coin. Though traders saying the opposite. Tone Vays (Derivatives Trader & Consultant in the realm of #Economics, #Finance, #Blockchain & #Bitcoin) Mentioned on one of his YouTube videos :

“The weekly chart of liteCoin indicates that the price will collapse, the weekly chart is telling me that Litecoin is not a buy. Looking at the weekly chart there is not technical reason to buy LiteCoin”

So, 2018 going to be very crucial for both Bitcoin and LiteCoin. We hope both this old coins comes with something very good for the investors.


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