The NAGA Group  is committed to creating a system dedicated to social trading and investing in financial instruments, virtual goods and cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to make a complicated market simple, fun, social, entertaining, rewarding and safe for everyone – especially for the 2 billion underbanked people in the world.


NAGA’s mission is to open up the world of trading financial and virtual goods to everyone in one unified platform. This is a necessity as the financial service sector is still inaccessible for many people and heavily complex, with non-transparent cost structures. There is currently no central solution to these problems, but NAGA plan to change all of that. On top of this, they are also planning to launch the NAGA Academy next year, which will provide free and discounted education in finance and crypto for NGC holders.


NAGA was founded in 2015 and performed the fastest German IPO in the last 15 years, with the shares currently trading at 5x times above issue price. NAGA is listed on the German stock exchange with millions of euros generated in revenue. And with NAGA Markets they already have billions of euro in trading volume every month. Additionally, NAGA also owns various EU-financial licenses, including an asset management license and is built on a top legal setup.


There are several offices across major European countries in the NAGA network, including Germany (2 offices in Hamburg), Spain (offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca), and Cyprus.


With their upcoming NAGA Token Sale, the NAGA Group plans to revolutionise both the sphere of token sales and the whole fintech world.


NAGA Token holders will benefit through a variety of additional NAGA extras. NAGA Tokens (NGCs)  will serve as the base-currency, next to Fiat, in all of their current and upcoming platforms. And for those, who make transactions with NGC, there will be benefits in the form of discounts, free promotion, access to specific content, and much more. There will also be the NAGA loyalty fund. With every NGC invested per trade, the NCLF (NAGA COIN LOYALTY FUND) shall receive a percentage, which will then be distributed to the token holders in relation to their token holdings. On top of this, early investors in the NGC should see the value of their tokens rise substantially as there are high expectation for the NAGA Ecosystem to grow significantly in the future.

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