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The NAGA Group  is committed to creating a system dedicated to social trading and investing in financial instruments, virtual goods and cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to make a complicated market simple, fun, social, entertaining, rewarding and safe for everyone – especially for the 2 billion underbanked people in the world.   NAGA’s mission is to […]

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Deutsche Bank’s top strategist is presuming that the end of the banknote not far is not far. Bit coins were originally developed as a P2P system that releases users from the collapse of wealth due to debt convergence of national currencies and inflation. Despite its phenomenal growth, most mainstream financial analysts criticize that they will […]

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Blocks 494, 784, issued a statement by affiliated companies to discontinue SegWit 2 x or 2 x forks that were about to take place around November 16. “Unfortunately it is obvious that there is not enough consensus to raise the block size this time, as it is, there is the possibility of breaking the community […]

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