The WandX Ethereum based derivatives Platform Sells Out pre-token sale

OCTOBER 2, 2017 – India — WandX, a platform on the ethereum blockchain that enables any user to create and trade financial instruments on Ethereum based Tokens through it’s innovative smart contracts, has sold out the pre-Token sale valued at 550ETH ($US 150,000 approx.).  The WandX tokens, known as Wands, can be used on the platform to derive discounts on trades as well as access features such as our portfolio optimization algorithms. The official launch of the WandX Token sale is scheduled to begin on October 22.

WandX’s decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain that enables userss to hedge risk and to trade a basket of Ethereum based Tokens with a single transaction, hence increasing liquidity of many altcoins and helping users diversify their investments. Users can invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), buy Ethereum Token futures, and trade in less liquid assets by means of a portfolio.

“through WandX, we plan to build a financial system of derivatives, ETFs and hedging instruments around Ethereum Tokens” said WandX CEO Abhinav Ramesh. “It’s gratifying to see the confidence that potential users have already placed in WandX during our pre-sale.” Ramesh, a serial entrepreneur, has assembled a team of engineers and advisors with deep experience in blockchain and financial services to provide a solution to simplifying the crypto currency marketplace. WandX is based in Bangalore, India with it’s company registered in Singapore.

Initially WandX users will be able to trade in a portfolio of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, Later this year, after the WandX Token sale, the company will enable trading in ETFs and derivatives for Ethereum Tokens through it’s smart contracts.

The WandX Token sale

Total supply for the Pre-sale: 12000ETH worth of Wand.

Total Wand supply Token sale + pre-sale: 48,000,000Wand

Token sale price: 1ETH = 3792Wand.

Token sale Start date = October 22nd 2pm GMT. Token sale End date = November 22nd 2pm GMT.

Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH, Top 10 ERC20 tokens as per as shown 48 hours before the token sale.


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