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London-based – a crypto-currency platform enabling customers to buy, sell, store, remit, lend and borrow crypto-currency funds – is launching a pre-ICO campaign to fund its ambitious plans. Pre-ICO starts on the 9th of October 2017 at 12:00 GMT

Developed over the last three years, the company currently operates as a crypto-currency wallet, allowing consumers to buy, remit, loan, borrow and exchange. They are also proud to have recently joined LEVEL39 – the world’s most connected community for finance, cybersecurity, retail and smart-city technology businesses.

Nebeus’ strategic goal? To develop an open eco-system allowing the consumption and creation of financial services and products based on blockchain and smart contracts, in a secure, transparent and convenient environment.

Having raised over £1.5M GBP in private funding in previous years, the company wants to open up its platform to third-party developers; creating a ‘supermarket’ of financial products and services based on blockchain and smart contracts, while providing full transparency and security as it serves individual, corporate and developer communities.

Nebeus’ co-founder, Konstantin Zaripov, says:

“We will open our API, create an SDK and a library of smart contracts; enabling creation of value-added services, based on blockchain and smart contracts”.

Adding, of the ICO itself:

“One of the key features will be a peer-to-peer lending platform where those choosing to invest in crypto-currency will be able to use it as collateral against, say, a loan. Thus minimising lender risk and costs. Both consumer and corporate clients will be able to benefit from this feature.”

Nebeus’ ultimate vision is to create a financial eco-system where those who add value are rewarded, and those who consume services and products, can do so in a competitive and secure environment, based on technology and financial regulations.

Find more about the Nebeus ICO:

Download the Whitepaper:

Executive summary:

About Nebeus:

  • Nebeus is a crypto-currency platform bringing together crypto-currency opportunities with a standard bank service.
  • It enables customers to buy, sell, store, remit, lend and borrow crypto-currency funds.
  • Work on the Nebeus Platform began in 2014, and has gone from strength to strength, with offices in both London and Barcelona.
  • The Nebeus team strives to deliver a convenient, client-oriented service that can continue to meet the demands and challenges of the ever-evolving crypto-currency market – all while being low-cost and highly efficient.


The Nebeus vision

  • develop an open eco-system that allows for the creation and adoption of financial services and products
  • facilitate a secure, transparent and convenient environment
  • simplify the adoption and development of financial products based on blockchain and smart contracts technology


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